Sunday Archive: Sea Witches


The Autumn is beginning to make itself known, the beaches are emptying and water babies everywhere are able to feel a bit special again. Many people think swimming in the sea all year around is nuts but I think not doing it is nuts. You will never feel bad after a swim (unless you drown I suppose but then you won’t be alive to feel bad about it) and it is good for the soul, for the head and the body.

An acquaintance mentioned a group of year round swimmers to me once not realising I was part of the group.

“There are these crazy ladies who got in the sea in all weathers, “ she said, her eyes round with awe. Then she lowered her voice…

“I have heard that even though many of them have been doing it for years they haven’t aged a day since they started! It’s like they are witches.”

“Don’t be ridiculous,” I said, ” there are no such thing as witches.”

And I walked away cackling…


  1. Someone I watch occasionally on YouTube swims in the sea all year round, even when it’s snowing. For some reason that hasn’t really been explained, but probably because it’s Denmark, they swim naked. It makes no sense to me that it makes me feel that they’d be even colder than if they were wearing swimsuits.

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    1. Its funny isnt it?The token swimsuit..I think Id do it naked just for ease of changing…its really difficult getting clothes back on in the cold!They stick!Id never get away with it here though…

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      1. Yes, I’m not overkeen on seeing naked bodies on beaches. I don’t like it when men take their shirts off the first time the sun comes out in spring. All that white flesh reflecting the sunlight is very offputting. Seeing it in the winter would be most disconcerting.

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