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I am an artist living by the sea in south east Ireland. I have blogged about all sorts of things in the past, mostly about nature – birds and whales and the sea  – and, last year, after a hiatus of a few years, I began posting again about, specifically to share research about the windfarms planned for the south coast. This year, while processing the enormity of what I learned regarding my windfarm research, I decided to change tack and post a weekly ‘coast diary’ recording life by the coast over the course of a year as I don’t believe it will stay as it is. In fact, with the surge of people to our coasts during covid and the current (pun sort of intended) swimming fad, the changes are already depressingly apparent in new developments, increased traffic and so on. The windfarm developments will just accelerate it. So I am trying to do what I have always done by enjoying it in the now.

I will be posting again on the windfarms and when I do it will be on Wednesdays. Stay tuned.


  1. Good luck Clare. After years of “renting” on Facebook, you finally have a home of your own! I’ll be checking in a lot so you’d better be on the ball.



  2. Clare! Brilliant. I feel like I want to invent a secret, ear-wiggling language to let you know how much I enjoyed and nodded along with your words above. Of course, words work too. Looking forward to your posts.



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