I am an artist living by the sea in south east Ireland. I have blogged about all sorts of things in the past, mostly about nature – birds and whales and the sea  – and now, after a hiatus of a few years, I am back posting again on Saturdays, and sometimes Wednesday’s, about the wind farms planned for the south coast. I am no expert. I am just someone who did not feel right about the development of wind farms here for quite a while but I could not be sure why. I have been writing on environmental and planning issues since 2007 on various platforms so I decided I would galvanise myself by committing publicly to post about what I learned about this issue. This is a research blog then, which means I am posting about things as I go. I would like people to take these posts as starting points for their own thoughts or research rather than an opportunity to argue. This is too big too be left to a few people. I have turned off commenting on posts as, after all the research, while trying to scrape a living, I just don’t have the time to engage much but I am happy to be corrected, or to learn from others so if you do want to contact me you can use the contact form below. But please keep it civil. I believe we all need to engage with this issue however we can, and this is my contribution.

This wind farm research won’t last forever and next year I am planning both an illustrated book of posts and a weekly(ish) illustrated coastal diary because I think it is important we appreciate what we have. While we still have it.


  1. Good luck Clare. After years of “renting” on Facebook, you finally have a home of your own! I’ll be checking in a lot so you’d better be on the ball.



  2. Clare! Brilliant. I feel like I want to invent a secret, ear-wiggling language to let you know how much I enjoyed and nodded along with your words above. Of course, words work too. Looking forward to your posts.



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