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I am an artist living by the sea in south east Ireland. I have blogged about all sorts of things in the past, mostly about nature – birds and whales and the sea. Last year, while processing research about the windfarms planned for the south coast – also published here – I decided to change tack and post a weekly ‘coast diary’ recording life by the coast over the course of a year. That lasted about six months before I began resarching developments near a local woodland, which is now going ahead. I took a break sick of the sound of my own opinions and now, in 2023 I am back writing about whatever takes my fancy. Sundays are post days, see you there.


  1. Good luck Clare. After years of “renting” on Facebook, you finally have a home of your own! I’ll be checking in a lot so you’d better be on the ball.



  2. Clare! Brilliant. I feel like I want to invent a secret, ear-wiggling language to let you know how much I enjoyed and nodded along with your words above. Of course, words work too. Looking forward to your posts.



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