ON THE CLIFFSTo all my Mermaids Purse followers thanks you for all the comments follows and shares, always much appreciated. I have not been posting here regularly this year as I am taken up with my blog about my granddad’s part in the British Military Expedition to South Russia in 1919. You can find it at Nor will I be following a schedule for this blog next year but I will be posting all the same. You just won’t know when I will pop up. Exciting isn’t it!

In the mean time it’s the time of year when all the bloggers seem to be publishing a list of their top ten posts so I thought I would join in. I am including nominations from post lovers in the surrounding countryside. To get you in the swing of it, above is a post from the end of 2016, with it’s grainy texture, its lichen and thrift accessories and set off by a dramatic back drop it sets the standard for the posts that follow. Here they are in no particular order…

1. Stonechats are great post fans and appreciate a good sturdy post from which to survey their domains. This stonechat chick, seen at Ardmore Co.Waterford this summer, is already proficient in post selection.

stonechat chick2

2. Mr. Collins, the local pheasant, typically could not decide on which post to nominate so put forward all six of these posts…


3. While the wee birds seem to like a good, strong post, some of the larger beasts prefer posts that are more subtle or elegant. “Often people think I have no breeding and no taste,” said the Kevin, the bull down the fields, “but I do appreciate a post of simplicity and delicacy.”


4. This unassuming post makes the top ten due to it’s ocean side location as well an acid humour courtesy of it’s barbed tongue…


5. The stonechats have put forward a lot of posts, too many to be included here but we thought this one is beautifully offset by it’s thoughtful arrangement of briars and grass.


6. The local crow population is large and quite scary in gangs so they have persuaded me that poles come under the heading of posts. This pole-sorry post-is so popular there is often a queue for it. One of the younger rooks told me “It’s sort of uncool now you know?But I was one of the first to discover this pole. Sorry, post.”


7. Amanda, one of the local hares, was quite set on this post being included and would not consider any alternatives. Bad form I thought…


8. The stonechats have been kicking up a fuss about proportional representation of the genders so here is a female one in an not unpleasant location…


9.  Larry, one of the gentler rooks, was quite persuasive about this pole-sorry, post-citing it’s texture and rich rust elements as well as it’s postmodern style.


10. A trip to the National Bird of Prey Centre at Russborough House in Wicklow in September produced a number of favourite posts as you can imagine. At joint tenth place is Snowy Owl and Stanley the Grey Owl. Stanley was extremely vocal about his post but Snowy looked so happy we had to include his too.



And thats all. No, wait. Two of the local ravens have threatened-sorry, asked me nicely .-to include their post too.


And finally a special award goes to a post from this week for its choice of location, its dedication to detail and its determination to present itself well despite adverse conditions which is, incidentally, exactly how we will all be in the coming year. I know it. Have a good one all. Regardless of what it brings let us go roaring into it with unprecedented vim, vigour and chutzpah. See you on the other side.



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