22780418_1921709294815719_3518832761943231551_nA couple of years ago author Dan Alatorre contacted me to see if I would be interested in illustrating a story he had written. I said sure, why not?So he sent me the story, Stinky Toe, which I loved for its shades of Dr. Seuss, not to mention a dash of Kurt Vonnegut, so I duly provided the illustrations. Job done. At that point we both promptly forgot about it, Dan because he seems to have books coming out all over and me because I was getting my degree. Flash forward to last week and I get an email from Dan..

‘Remember that book?Stinky Toe?It’s out now on Amazon…’

And not as an ebook as I expected but as an honest to goodness full colour, paperback book with 28 illustrations.

Just like that. Well it felt like that for me but getting it from there to here is all down to Dan. It was his daughter Savvy-who had already inspired some of his books-who had remembered…

‘Hey Dad, what every happened to Stinky Toe…?’

Thank you Savvy! It is available on both and So here it is…

If you’re looking for a bath time book for young children, or a present for a young family, you know what to do. I’ll leave a link on the side bar of the blog to make it easy for you. And if you do decide to get a copy (which you won’t regret) we would love you to please leave a review too. Also check out Dan’s other books on his author page and his blog here..




36 responses to “STINKY TOE

  1. Well done! I love your illustrations. I am currently writing a series of three children’s stories. Although I already have a very good rookie illustrator in mind to partner me on this venture, I now have your details for future reference. You never know. I may be in touch!

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