25I meant to do a post on the chicks at the table during bird week…so here it is now. The quality of the photos is a bit hit and miss depending on how often I see them and how fast they move.

The star of the show is definitely the Great Tit chick…or should I say chicks, for it seems there are two. I don’t see them together often, they are very fast and independent wee things but one is very yellow while the other one is fluffier. But there is always at least one about. They figured out that there was feed in the nesting baskets ahead of all the others.
2114117I caught the fluffy one standing on one leg the other day, like the sparrows do.It just cracks me up. The Great Tits have also started using the bath. There’s a new bath now since the cat broke the previous one as I chased it away screaming and shooting my water pistol at it.

1106The Sparrow chicks just keep coming. They can have more than one brood in a season which partly accounts for their success in spreading across the world. Until their numbers started to drop recently. No one knows why.
28241817There’s always a gang a round here. I notice the chicks of most species have bags under their eyes, like new born babies, which then disappear. Maybe they stay up late drinking beer.

30The Dunnock chick has been around for a while. I call this one Farrah Fawcett as she has that sort of flick to her feathers that Farrahs’ hair had. An only child and a loner like its Mam, the Dunnocks are shy and keep themselves to themselves so I was delighted when I saw this one have a go at the young chaffinch who has been bullying everyone, including his Dad, who he chases off.
23222916The Chaffinch brood has exploded, there are five or six of them along with Mrs. Finchy. Most are female I think but this guy is ‘turning’ into a chap. And he is a typically bumptious young teenage boy too.

3Being a chick looks fun at first and then the feathers start moulting and they get itchy and it looks uncomfortable. Like being a teenager I guess.


I’ll include Mr. Chaffinch here as I feel sorry for him. No one wants him. Everyone chases him off and he doesn’t fight back. I think he looks like what Elvis would look like now if he were still alive, with his grey duck ass haircut and a big red face…

pending (80)

There is even a baby Wren, though it is hard to get a shot of, like its busy Mam who darts in and out of the hedge like lightning. It doesn’t look like it has full control of its wee legs yet.


The only chick who does not seem like a chick is the Goldfinch one. He is like some sort of royal child.

2He comes along and pushes whatever adult off the feeder and then no one challenges him. He is very poised and not at all child like. There is another Goldfinch in full colour but who I think is young because he gets all fluffy when he cant get at the feeder. Of the Blue Tits there has been no sign for months. I don’t know where they are gone.

Not strictly bird table and I’ve posted them before but but here’s a Stonechat chick I saw at the cliffs at Ardmore and a Goldcrest chick I spotted nearby in a copse, swinging happily in the branches.birdblog22birdblog21birdblog25birdblog23That’s all for now. I won’t be posting regularly for the time being as I am releasing myself from the Saturday schedule. I have other things I need to put first but I am not going away completely you just won’t know when I am going to turn is all…


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