FOR THE BIRDS~Single White Gull


I was sitting in the car on the cliffs a week or so ago, thinking deep thoughts and eating biscuits when, I became aware of a thumping from the back of the car which I ignored, because, who cares, its probably a serial killer bouncing someones head off the car and who wants to see that? A little later, a gull landed on the bonnet to check me out. I will take a stab that it’s a herring gull but don’t quote me on that. Gulls are notoriously difficult to identify. He disappeared again. The thumping restarted. Turns out he’s head butting my car.




He mostly does the back but he does at least one full tour around. I think he’s after my biscuits but when I get out of the car he scuttles off. Back in the car. Thumping restarts. Then I think he likes his reflection but most of the head butting is occurring at the non reflective bumper. Then he gets up on the boot.4


All I can think is that he thinks my car on the tarmacadam car park is a boat and he’s wondering where the fish guts are. Eventually he flies off to a real boat down in the water where all the other gulls have congregated…

I returned to that car park a week later and there he was, same gull, I assume, approaching the back of my car. So I left the car and walked off so I could watch him. He walked up to the bumper and tried to bite it. When I looked at the bumper it was more reflective than I though, he would have been able to see a shadow of himself in it.


As had happened previously, another car arrived, a light coloured one,  and he went over for a look but  he decided he wasn’t interested and came back again to mine. So I am guessing its the reflectiveness of dark colours. Or else I really am a Bird Whisperer…




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