FOR THE BIRDS~Swallow at the Table

Over the last couple of weeks I have occasionally seen a lone swallow just outside my door at the foot of the bird table. The first time he was looking at the wall of my house. I think there may have been midges there as a tap is set in the wall nearby. The second time he got into a scuffle with Mr.Finchy (who no one seems to want around but that’s another story). This time, he was outside with Mrs. Finchy and they were looking at each other. Maybe they are having an affair? I used to think swallows never landed on the ground, indeed someone on Facebook suggested it was a sick or dying bird, but in the past couple of years I have often seen them on the driveway pecking around and anyway this guy, if it’s the same one, seems very perky. I was delighted to see one so close and get these shots. In the second photo especially I can see so much personality there in that look…

The photos below are from earlier and I see from the white on the back of the neck it is a different swallow from the one above..

swallow table 1

swallow table 2

swallow table 3

swallow table 4


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