THE ROAD TO CRES: Saving the Vultures of Croatia~Part Five

Griffon Vulture Colony

The griffon vulture colony at Cres is on a cliff around the corner from the main beach at Beli. The spot that we watched from was reached by climbing a track from the beach and around the headland from where we got a view across a small cove to the ledges where the birds nested. The idea of watching was to build a log of their movements, their arrivals and departures in order, I suppose, to contribute to our knowledge about them. Somewhere there are sheets and sheets of notes by earnest and not so earnest volunteers, yellowing with age.

I watched for about six hours one baking hot day. Lucking there was a tree for shade. It was my first experience of watching wildlife. In after years I began to watch for whales on the cliffs by my home. This sort of watching becomes like a meditation, a reward in itself. The very act of doing it it slows you down and brings you more into tune with the environment. It can also give you sunburn it you’re not careful.


The Watching Spot



The view in the other direction…

Nothing much happened on my watch as you see from my notes, though as with humans around 9ish seems to be some sort of rush hour…



I only had a compact camera at the time but I took some shots through the scope…


Other jobs as I have said included feeding the other animals at the centre. I don’t remember doing that, in fact I don’t remember much about the animals and had forgotten them until I saw my sketch pads….




Tomorrow:The Labyrinths of Tramuntana, and some sign writing.


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