FOR THE BIRDS~Recent New (and totally cute) Sightings

You may have seen in last weeks post about my bird table and beyond that I spotted a tiny Goldcrest (identified by blogger Stripman) for the first time when I was out and about. Then, a few days later, I saw another one near my house, only the second I have ever seen. I also was lucky enough to get another couple of shots of this tiny cutey pie..


Then, just last night, cycling back along the Anne Valley in Co.Waterford, I noticed the hedgerow was alive with movement. There were dozens of tiny birds, probably about the size of the goldcrest, but with long swooping tails, chirping and looping among the tree branches as they dangled this way and that looking for insects. Even when bashing the brains out of a bug they were cute (I didn’t get a good shot of that one). This was my very first sighting of long-tailed tits, which apparently are very common in Ireland. Who knew?not me.

They are apparently a very co-operative bunch, the younger birds helping the adults to rear their siblings. There was a great sense of community among them and they were a delight to watch, incredibly cute but also graceful against the evening sky, like ink strokes on Japanese rice paper…






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