FOR THE BIRDS~Battle for the feeder

gf14The Goldfinches had monopoly at the nyger seed feeder for weeks. Two of them were always present, eating constantly as the feeder swung back and forth in the wind. The rhythm always brings to mind the Oompa Loopa song from Willy Wonka…

Swing Swong, Swing Swong, doompadee doo,
None of this bird seed, none is for you.
Swing Swong, Swing Swong, doompadah dee,
All this bird seed, all is for me.

I’ve been told I have an imagination…or maybe I am a bit nuts (like all the best people). Anyhoo, competition for the two spaces began to get fierce as more goldfinches appeared. In this battle a young goldfinch knocks and older one off. I was surprised how easily the older one gave up and I noticed subsequently that the adults go easy on the young ones-or at least this young one-when they attack, maybe the same way we wouldn’t beat up a child for kicking us! I was going to add captions but I think you can do that yourselves…gf21gf22gf23gf20gf18gf10gf9gf11gf5gf2gf17gf1gf16gf4

“…Hey you?You looking at me?You want some?…”


15 responses to “FOR THE BIRDS~Battle for the feeder

  1. Fantastic! Though I think you’re showing off now! 🙂 They are amazing, and I like your little video of them. This evening a lone chaffinch has attended the Happy Eater, I got some shots but had already done a post so will save it for another day. Hope he/she comes back! I have a niger seed feeder and nobody visits it :/

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    • Thanks April…I suspect that no matter how many stations there are there’ll always be a battle..I am noticing more and more goldfinches about…and now of course the finches and sparrows have got in on the act too


      • You’re right, there can never be enough.

        I’ve not seen any birds other than goldfinches at the niger seed. I’ll have to watch more closely. I’m having too much fun watching the baby blackbird who still isn’t afraid of me.

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      • Have you got a ‘proper’ niger seed feeder? They have very small openings for the birds to get into. I’m starting to sound as if I know what I’m talking about, but I think they’re different to ordinary feeders.

        I’ve just looked in ours and it’s got a dead spider in it. Probably time to give it a clean.

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      • Yes mine came with nyger seed in it and there are just two slits at the end. The other birds don’t quite fit on it as well as the Goldfinches either…but they manage when they have to…must clean mine too….I’ve never seen birds get through so much food.

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