FOR THE BIRDS~Rooks & Starlings

rook13Well I promised this week would be a bird week of sorts, so my wobbly internet notwithstanding I will be alternating my series of posts on on Saving the Vultures of Croatia with some picture posts with recent photos of the birds I have seen around and about. Some of you will have seen some of them on Facebook or Twitter but here they will be gathered in one place. I love watching rooks. They look so self important and silly at the same time with their black feathery bloomers. And they manage to look very handsome as well. And the blue black of their feathers is gorgeous. Down on the beach they take on the appearance of old Greek widows.

rook18 They all seem to look like gnarled old ancients so I was surprised when I saw my first ever young Rook . Mostly being a young rook involves shouting in your mothers ear while she ignores you. In following him to catch a picture I realised there were a LOT of rooks about, most who whom were patrolling the local ice cream shop and chipper along with a whole throttle of starlings (I made up throttle). The owner of the ice cream shop came over to me and explained they had tried everything to get rid of them including putting a fake owl on the roof. Nothing worked. I figure it would take a lot more than a fake owl to turn this lot away.


Greek widow…




Stroll on the Prom…


Winter is coming…


Come over here and say that…





Overwhelmed owl…




The starlings come in all different colours. Young ones are speckled, fledglings are buff and first winter ones are buff above and a bit speckled below…something like that. I am not exactly an expert and I don’t like them that much, they are loud and rowdy and rough. But I their feathers are amazing colours.




Chip chase


Bed head…

star8star6star4orange face


6 responses to “FOR THE BIRDS~Rooks & Starlings

    • Ta Fraggle R…I know..birds are mad, I get such a great kick out watching them 🙂 …I noticed in doing my other posts that vultures have a few different collective names wake, committee, kettle, venue, or volt..a wake is when they are feeding!Love the kettle one too 🙂

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