The Mermaids’ Purse has taken a break from blogging for the month of May but I have scheduled a picture post for each Saturday so you won’t miss me too much…

We get a lot of fresh mackerel in the late summer and early autumn here on the Copper Coast in Ireland. They are easily caught from the rocks along the shore with a fishing line. I love the patterns on their skin, shimmering silver and prussian blue.

See it and more on my Etsy Shop.

7 responses to “FRESH MACKEREL

    • Thanks Jessica!That’s lovely to hear…in short it was a piece I built in the space of a week with wood I had been collecting and building with all semester…sort of an investigation of the process of making while bypassing (the conscious mind)…there’s a few threads of thought to it….and a bit of humour too :)…I think I’ll do a blog post on it but I’ll probably put in on my EaselWeasel site… …I will let you know…thank you for asking!

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