When the Azure Window collapsed in a storm on Gozo a few weeks back I went looking for my sketch pad as I vaguely remembered starting to draw it when I visited it the year before last. I say ‘starting’ as I gave up soon after I began because it was quite pretty enough to look at and like many pretty things, it made boring subject. Anyway, the rich ultramarine of a sea stitched with turquoise waves and offset by the creamy ochre cliffs was impossible to replicate with my tiny water-colour set without a certain amount of effort and at the time I wasn’t interested in things that involved effort. The photographs I have of it are far superior.

Most of my sketching from that holiday was a bit half-hearted as I wasn’t interested in doing anything but lolling around so it was quite nice to dig them out again then and find they weren’t all as totally awful as the Azure Window effort, maybe because they bring back memories of a good holiday. In fact, as with many sketches, though they may be rough and ready I quite like the energy in these.

I have listed most of these images on my Etsy shop. If you care to go and have a browse follow the link here and under the relevant images.

Near Bugibba

Bathing Spot


32 responses to “MALTA~COLOUR SKETCH PAD

  1. I love the Christmas morning ones 🙂 were you in a villa? and the bridges, and the sea and beaches. That window thingy that fell down caused a lot of fuss, nowhere near as impressive as our Marsden one 😉

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  2. Love the second one! I’m looking forward to starting some drawing and painting again soon. It’s been too long since I’ve done any.

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  3. I love all the sketches!
    Does it help keep a memory sharp if you have sketched something? I am pretty sure I remember things better if I take a photo or write about them. Surely that works even better if you paint them…

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  4. I LOVE your sketches! I completely relate with your sense that sometimes art can’t adequately imitate life, that photos and memories are far superior to any attempts i might make to bring a scene to life, but several of these sketches (particularly the bedroom scene) are simply incredible in there simplicity and innocence. I know I just said it, but I LOVE your sketches 😉

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