pheasant-4Living out in the countryside I often come across wildlife and enjoy photographing it. However wildlife, being annoyingly paparazzi shy, can often freeze or go to ground so I have devised a few rules which I use to obtain amazing action shots which I will now share with you. Recently I spied a male pheasant on the road as I drove home and I proceeded as follows:

First I braked suddenly. I then went into a fast reverse, narrowly missing said bird. I leapt from the still running car yelling…


This surprising behaviour is necessary in that it serves to spur the animal into acting naturally ie. running away rather than hanging about in a boring pose. I then chased after the bird, snapping wildly~with my camera, not my teeth, though that’s only a personal preference~and continuing to yell..


Other phrases such as…

“Come back you stupid bird, I only want a photograph!” can also be used.

The resulting photographs so captured the raw panic of life in the wild that I used these photos to create these marvellously realistic paintings of the pheasant in its natural state. As you can see from these pictures, a measured, thought out approach provides amazing results…pheasant-1pheasant-2pheasant-3Two of the above pictures are still available at my Etsy shop…

Note:The above procedures should not be carried out by…anyone really.



  1. Hehe, really made me laugh……. what a charming picture you paint. Impressed though by your early 6am return? From a night on the tiles? From the night shift? You leave me wondering……..


  2. Oh these animals can be so frustrating!!! I went to a zoo in Helsinki and they had ducks and peacocks roaming around. As I went to photograph a duck it decided to attack me rather than shy away! Sore head… and no plan to try that again!

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  3. LOLOL! I can picture this scene vividly – and not just because I may have possibly had a similar encounter (although it was a turkey… and a deer… and a fox… *grin*). Lovely watercolors, Clare!

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    • Thanks Traci…yes I’ve repeated this with a few different animals…the only time I ever saw an otter was on a beach…and I ran at it screaming ‘otter!otter!’… 😀


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