ctdivaThere used to be a cat living just across the road from me. The first time I met her I knew she was different class of cat. She was poised at the side of the road up ahead as I set off on an evening walk. I expected her, like most farm cats, to crouch and squint suspiciously before disappearing like a wraith in to the ditch. She confounding all my expectations by mincing out into the middle of the road to get a good look at me before sashaying at speed towards me throwing miaows out as an actress would flick a fur stole over her shoulder. This cat was a diva in the mould of Gloria Swanson or Joan Crawford.

She ran up to me miaowing urgently, a fluffy mule made feline. She demanded I pick her up so I did. One does not refuse a diva. She held on digging her red painted nails (they weren’t but they should have been) into my shoulders while mewling dramatically into my face. All of a sudden she stopped, ears back, and then, head turning from side to side, her green, exotic eyes narrowing…

“It’s the Gestapo darling, I simply MUST go!” ..I imagined she hissed,

“…but never forget that I will always have felines for you!Vive la resistance!”

Exit, paw to forehead, hedge left.

Since then we met often and with as much drama. I played along with her delusions of stardom. I never dared tell her I first took her for a farm cat, she never would have spoken to me again.

It has been a long time since I have seen Cat Diva, I guess she has gone to the Sunset Boulevard in the sky. It would be more her scene than Sunset Tertiary Road…

“I am big!”…

I can hear her hiss..

“It’s the hedges that got small…”




12 responses to “CAT DIVA

  1. We always had cats at home when we were young and they are terrific pets to observe. They all have their own unique personalities and you are right some are actors, some are out and out me feiners some are sneaks some others thieves and bullies but you can’t help liking the rascals.


  2. a vivid picture of clearly a talented animal. I am sure she would have thought you quite adequate as a scribe! She was lucky to have met you. I have great respect for cats as I believe they are cleverer than me – probably not too difficult.

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