1I have a lovely cousin Jane in Australia and on one of her recent visits, when we were out walking, she stopped to take a picture of a markedly unremarkable looking dog. We continued on until the next dog which was also notable for its lack of distinguishing characteristics, some sort of short-legged, short-haired, wriggly, barky, smelly, brownish type who also had his picture taken.

Why,” I asked, “are you taking pictures of random dogs?”

“I want to show them to my sister when I get home,” she replied happily, delighted with the latest subject.

“But why would she want to see pictures of strange, unremarkable dogs from the other side of the world?”

She tried to explain but I struggled, and failed, to understand. To me it was as odd as taking pictures of every person you saw to pore over at a later date. At least with people maybe you could tell them apart and possibly even snap some attractive ones to drool on. Mind you, most people would not be pleased at anyone who did this and I imagine if the dogs knew what was afoot they wouldn’t be pleased either. Anyway, the whole thing left me more than a little confused but in the end, as Janes better qualities far outweigh this oddity of hers, I dismissed it as an unfortunate but harmless quirk.

All that is to explain that I thought of Jane when I was putting this post together, I am not sure why as cats and dogs are, well, like cats and dogs, entirely different. Maybe it’s because I wish she could be normal like me and instead of taking pictures of strange dogs to show her sister she would do something useful like take pictures of strange cats and share them with as many people as possible…

Sorry Jane..

Anyhoo…I have spent the last two Christmases in Malta and one thing you notice very quickly is that there are cats all over the place. Not only that but they are well cared for. There are unofficial feeding stations everywhere but I also noticed two official Cat Cafes in the district of Floriana, complete with shelters. For me, as a cat person, it is a treat to see cats around, it adds character and life to a place and I always stop to talk to them (which is not at all weird in the way stopping to talk to dogs is weird). As I travelled around the island taking photos I couldn’t help but snap more than a few Maltese moggies, much more than a few….brace yerselves…


I loved these two tough dockers whom I spotted beneath the walls of Valletta but the white one turned out to be a total pushover, or a roll over. Every time I called to them he would roll over exposing his fluffy belly, first one way, then the other…not so tough.




The Cat Cafe…






“Maybe if I stay very, very still she’ll go away…”



Sportsy bachelor cat was out all night and has lost his keys..




Time for the soundcheck…


“I’ve enough of these damn stupid pigeons…”


Too pretty…



Too sleepy…



“What do you mean you have no food?!She has no food!”


“Beer you say?”


“Yeh, beer..”


“Someone said beer?…”


“Beer?I’ll have two please.”


Cat relationship issues:“Stop pretending there’s a dog and listen to me for once…”


In Mdina:“So many shops, so little time…”


“No, I ain’t doing nothing, just hanging around…”


Blending in…under Vallettas walls…



This one has been here so long a spider has attached his web to her…


“How dare you!I’m no floozy on the docks!…”


“..though if you have a tin of Kitty Kat we could do a deal…”



Grumpy in Buggiba…





The leader of the pack. I did get a bit apprehensive when this guy headed for me but in true cat fashion he bypassed me at the last minute..





Sometimes I think the sea water is rusting some of these cats…this bunch were at the swimming spot Ghar Lapsi, a remote and tiny sheltered pool on the west coast.


Back on Vallettas walls….


20 responses to “CATS OF MALTA

  1. It is perfectly normal to take photos of random cats anywhere! There are outstanding photos and I can just imagine these felines basking in the sun. I would have been in heaven. Love the cat cafe! Not so sure if it is normal to take pics of dogs! ha!

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  2. That’s a lot of cats. But never too many for a crazy cat lady like me! Add Malta into the mix and I’m a very happy reader. I spent a lot of time on the island as a child, but only during the summer. What’s Christmas like there?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lucky you…I love Christmas there as its warm like an Irish summer (though the locals are wearing their down jackets!) and I swim every day. People are friendly, getting around is easy, there are tourists but not too many, there’s plenty to do if you want but also nice to kick back and hang out and meet cats! and more importantly though they celebrate Christmas the place doesn’t close down like Ireland does for a week or more…I think the buses stop for 3 hours on Christmas day but otherwise its nice and social. I love it!


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