A picture post this week as I posted about the swallows last year with Go Already! , but as I have some nice shots I thought I would share them with you…

It is hard to get good photos of swallows as they move so fast so I have thousands of shots of empty skies or fields with blurred dots. they really are amazing aviators and they know it. I swear they dive bomb the sparrows in their tree and often they tear past my head if I am standing outdoors. They make me think of WW2 fighter pilots, their black eyes are goggles and surely they are wearing white scarves that fly behind them as they dive and swerve?They perch on the wire overhead preening and maintaining their feathers, pilots back at base, checking their machines. They are nothing if not serious about their abilities. they need to be I suppose for the long trip south. But there is also time for horse play:the younger ones shove and push each other or chase each other around about.

These shots are mostly from this year and last year with the first two being lucky capture with a compact in 2013. There are some younger swallows here too from earlier in the summer, you can tell by their shorter tails and also they are the one screaming to be fed. They will be all gone soon, they always seem to be away for longer than they are here though in reality it’s nearly half in half. I am already looking forward to seeing the first arrivals again…















10 responses to “THEY’RE LEAVING..

  1. Lovely pictures – they are so hard to ‘pin down’! Their perilous journey is remarkable, with so much illegal shooting and trapping on the way. There are so many fewer than when we first came here 20 years ago. So sad!

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