Just a quick thanks to all the responses I received to A Question. Much appreciated and it gave me a lot to think about. Most of you said you didn’t mind re-reading old and re-edited posts but some pointed out that there is so much to read these days its hard to spend time re-reading something only to find you have read it before. Also regarding publishing a print book it was pointed out people would hardly buy it if they have read all of it before which is a good point.

The reality is for me that my posts take so long because I had started to illustrate them and I have found myself not writing because of this. As I would like to maintain this blog primarily for the development of my writing what I have decided to do is to leave off the illustrations for the most part, maybe re-using ones I have already, because I have tons of them anyway, as well as photographs because I take so many anyway. If it comes to publishing I can then add illustrations along with some new pieces of writing which will add some novelty to any print version.

I will post old but re-edited posts along with new ones, keeping them short while splitting larger ones into a series of posts, (I am immediately going to break this rule of course!-see below), with an occasional picture/photography post. The first new post is tomorrow. It is a post I have been planning to do for a couple of years and even made a few disastrous attempts at it. This week though, I think I have finally nailed it…but its is over 1000 words. I think it deserves to be read in one go though.

Thanks again for all the input, it is much appreciated.




8 responses to “AN ANSWER!

  1. The purpose of your writing is for you to decide, unless the purpose is to appeal to some intended target market. Those who enjoy the delicious banquet of well prepared compositions and essays will read. Those who have dietary restrictions making digestion of verbiage difficult, will not. I write selfishly. If I want a bigger audience, I know I’ll have to provide smaller portions that require little or no chewing. Some people gather everything they want from a piece by simply reading its title. Their short attention span, coupled with their inability to postpone gratification causes them to run by the table, grab a bit of dessert, and leave. Well, at least those people are never the cause of crowded conditions…at the library. Write on chilluns, write on! And the illustrations are a wonderful bonus added to what you do.
    (insert smiley face here)

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    • All true, thanks Van..I think I am in a place where I can write long pieces but read only short ones… sometimes I can’t even read my own pieces!so I’m trying to bring the two bits together…might be not possible though…thanks so much for your lovely comment 🙂


  2. The world has changed in its reading habits, the soul sapping 140 characterland that we live in. If writing is your passion, then write, those of us who have reading as our passion will read. Plus pretty pictures!! 😊

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