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I posted a year or so ago about the Creatures of Fenor Bog a small array of wood carved creature-a heron and three dragonflies-in and around the bog at Fenor village just outside Tramore in the south-east of Ireland. Since then local sculptor, John Hayes has been hard at work with his chainsaw and chisels in the ground of Fenor church hard by the bog.

The object of his attention was an old tree in the graveyard which the parish council had asked him to consider for a project after it had suffered storm damage. John fashioned it into decorative niche for a carving of the virgin Mary topped by a pair of hands releasing a dove and a pinnacle of angels, the undulating line of their robes echoing the folds of the great trunk, the tips of their wing feathers, like leaves, reaching for the sky.


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Though it is a religious item you don’t have to be religious to appreciate the wonder of it. Back in the day the church was one of the great sponsors of the arts. It was the arts that was the vehicle for the awe that the faithful wished to experience. With industrialisation and secularisation of the world artists were cut loose from their sponsors and the experience of awe does not necessarily have to be bound to faith but that does not mean the two never meet I suppose.


For anyone who thinks the arts are useless or superflous to our daily existence I suggest a visit to Fenor, or any sculpture park or garden, and see how such a simple idea as a few works in situ can create an environment that buoys the, awakens the wonder of the child inside and will doubtless spark off inspiration of all kinds in the years to come.
For me, as familiar as I am now with Johns carvings, even a flashing glimpse of his vision can bleed colour into an otherwise dull day and who wouldn’t want that?

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19 responses to “THE ANGELS OF FENOR

  1. Perfectly correct Clare; the world has inherited some if its greatest works of art as a result of religious inspiration and patronage. Although a Buddhist myself, I have several original Christian icons which are quite sublime, and my first choice on Desert Island Discs would be Bach’s Saint Matthew Passion. Thank you for the delightful sketches of John’s work. With all best wishes, Hariod.

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    • Thanks Hariod, lovely to hear from you…I am not religious myself and I find organised religion has caused problems but the art it has given us is certainly on the plus side of the equation…I think I will give Bach’s St. Matthews Passion a listen…always nice to get a recommendation.

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  2. I had a notification that ‘your stats are booming’ lol it was you 😄😄. For a little while too now there’s been this lady stalking my Facebook page and liking my posts, and I’m thinking who is this Clare Strong, I checked her page out but not much info and I didn’t recognise the picture so was puzzled for ages. That was you too! Haha I’m so dim. I sent you a message on FB and a follow, not sure you got it cos new messages to people you arnt ‘friends’ with goes to the hidden message box we all have but forget to check 😄 anyway it will have come from CJ Hyslop which is me if you come across it!

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