Life has become busy again as it does in September for a lot of us but I still want to keep posting  so I will be doing picture posts more often. I find that people (including me) like pictures and reading a long post can take up a lot time. Anyway I have a lot of old pictures and paintings I’d like to share.

This week I am posting an old painting from my time in Edinburgh. I posted a couple of these a few months ago here . They are part of a series of studies of the Salisbury Crags in Edinburgh for oil paintings that were a part of my first solo show but the studies themselves were never shown .

This one is in acrylic paint on cold pressed watercolour paper and it is roughly A2 size. I rarely use acrylic as it dries so fast and I am used to having time to mess around with oils. As well as that I have often found the colours to be dense and flat, even the artist quality ones, compared to oils. Having said that, the brand I used here, Golden Acrylics, are a superior paint and the colours have nearly as varied a transparency as artists quality oils and their selection of colours is wonderful too with Cobalt Teal being my favourite. I think used some of it in a mix for the sky here.

Buy it on Etsy here..

Paypal only on Etsy but if you have any queries on alternative payment methods (or anything else) please don’t hesitate to contact me through the contact form.




  1. It’s brilliantly craggy! Phil paints with oils, acrylics and enamels, I used to just do enamel base coats and then Oils on top, I love how oil paints blend, I used Rembrandts when I was doing models, Phil has stolen them all now I take pictures instead. Wow you had a solo show, and if that was first you’ve had more! That must be scary exciting! I look forward to seeing more of your paintings and studies.

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      • They should find a way to put the pair of us together and we’d have dynamite. It is a struggle, because people’s attention spans are shorter, and it’s hard to hold their interest without pictures.

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      • Its true!Or at least we’d have one complete person 😀 When I started blogging I was very long winded and now my posts are getting shorter and shorter because people do not read that much. In one sense its good as it forces you to pare down the writing and focus but its a pity too….I find using pictures is definitely a draw(excuse pun). There’s nothing stopping you using images with your writing, maybe addressing what you DO see, if you see colours or whatever?but maybe you need someone work with even to match images with your writing?It might be an interesting notion to explore…


      • I see well enough to see images; they just don’t make much of an impact on me, so I find it hard to motivate myself to seek out fresh ones. It could well just be the way my brain is oriented and not my eyes at all.

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      • I understand that. My brain is wired for visual…probably because of my ears so music, lyrics, videos are very hard for me to tune into because they are hard work- I cant ‘see’ the originator of the sound to hear.

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