As I was looking at poems for a college project I came across this post about W.B. Yeats who is always worth posting about. I have edited a lot as the original post was a bit long winded…


Yeats, I do love my Yeats, his words peel back the layers of life to reveal the raw emotions that seethe beneath. The Cloths of Heaven speaks beautifully of human vulnerability (I am reminded of the richly painted pictures of Odilon Redon when I read it), September 1913 of our venality.The Lake Isle of Innisfree speaks of the yearning to be free and recalls for me the halycon lost days of childhood while When You Are old and The Stolen Child is the future that is in store for all of us, our death, our final merging with the big world.

Then there is The Second Coming the most familiar to me purely because a friend of mine used to burst into a recitation of it as we advanced through Waterfords’ dark streets from establishment to establishment where wooden counters were worn and warm under intense elbows and glasses and…

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6 responses to “THE SECOND COMING

  1. I read the original post Clare, and the quote you made ‘ The best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity’ resonates strongly with how the world is going on today. I will have to read Mr.Yeats, I have not ever connected with poetry, but I’ll have a go. 😊 you wrote so well!


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