HARE3SMA few weeks ago I was delighted to see there was a hare living in my garden. Last year we found a tiny leveret (a baby hare ) hiding in the over grown lawn when it was being mown and so we left it with it’s own bit of wilderness until it moved on.

Leverets, I found out then, are left to fend for themselves very early as, unlike rabbits they are born fully furred and with their eyes open. They do not dig burrows, rather they lie in long grass, flattening it into a ‘form’.

Hares lives are generally solitary though they have been known to live in pairs.

I like to think that my recent visitor was the leveret returned.HARE1SM

‘My’ hare would come out on the lawn and feed every morning and evening. He didn’t seem to disturbed by humans. One day he was feeding when I pulled up in the car and he barely flinched and sometimes I would watch for a while and he knew I was there. One time, apropos of nothing, he started hopping around, jumping and twisting in the air, gallop a short way and come to a dead stop before executing a few other bounds and leaps before calmly returning to feeding. As it was June and far beyond the time for mad March haring maybe he did it for me.HARE2SM

I meant to sketch him from life while he was here but I took photos instead, vaguely intending to draw him later. Of course later is often too late and after a couple of weeks my hare had gone again. I did these sketches from my photographs which is nearly as good because in studying them it was like he was here again and it made see him even more clearly, his funny face and his powerful legs and his mad, big feet-may they bring him around here again one day.






19 responses to “HARE TODAY, GONE TOMORROW

    • Thanks Tony…yes who knows whats going on with them?often watching animals and birds I wonder what they are thinking. So funny to see a fox or a crow for instance travelling somewhere with great focus…where are they going?the shops?a bar?do they see it in their heads?when do they decide they are going from one place to another?hunger and habit maybe but there always seems to be something else too, some personal (animal?)intent….


  1. Ah I’d never heard of leverets but summised it was a baby hare from your post, looked it up on google and badum fish! Love your paintings so cool that you do them from photographs and memory combined, there’s so much feeling in them. I feel the same way about the birds that visit my garden. 😊

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  2. I always learn from your posts! We have cotton tails and jack rabbits down here. You sketches are lovely as always! Thanks for the recent visit to my blog and for the comment. You are always so in tuned with the natural world around you. And you always care!

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    • Thanks CC..it’s always a pleasure to visit your blog…rabbits are sweet too though I’ve noticed they don’t stay around long enough to draw when they realise I’m there…


  3. You are a brilliant artist. I loved the sketches here. I wish I could be as lucky as you. Living in a busy city often means not witnessing charming things like these.

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    • Thanks Laila…I’m blushing here!yes it’s nice to see wildlife…having said that I miss the city…there’s much to see there too and I like painting urban scenes too. Thanks for dropping by,really appreciate it 😊

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