I have been a little busy to post anything recently but I have been playing with my camera for some college projects. In recent years May seems to have swapped personalities with April and there has been a lot of excellent cloud action, for us cloud nerds, and lots of opportunity for doing time lapse videos.

Here is a short time lapse movie of the showers that have swept the Waterford coast this month. I caught a few rainbows as well as some amazing clouds and a shower of hailstones. Our SAR chopper is in there ever so briefly too but I think you’ll have to look very hard (around 2:18) There are even, briefly, some mammatus clouds (cloud nerds). Some people yearn for clear blue skies and it’s true the sunshine is welcome but day in day out?I think that would be sort of dull wouldn’t it…?

11 responses to “HAILSTONES & RAINBOWS

  1. I think that was Wednesday last week when I was trying to weed the strawberry patch!! Lol… But we did get four seasons that day!

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    • One bit was from this last Monday and the rest from Tuesday…but I think Wednesday was like that too…in fact I remember thinking missed some ‘nice’ bits on Wednesday. Not to mention last week. Thankfully its warmer and calmer now….beautiful day today. Hope youre getting the weeds done now 🙂


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