RAINY EVENING (available in my ETSY Shop here )

I wrote last week that I would post some more urban scenes and here a couple. I find petrol stations or any roadside stop interesting..It may be the combination of modernity with nature-be it looming trees or dry desert-along with passing nature of such places in our ken that makes these scenes attractive. Roads speak of journeys, journeying being the natural mode of our ancestors. I know I feel better travelling, more alive and alert, newer. Maybe these places resonate with us because we are all on the biggest journey of all, the one which we can only do alone and which has only one destination…



The other picture I painted this week is the sky over the nearby car dealership. This echoes some of the same themes:cars equals travel, big sky equals freedom. And the security camera?Could be the Watcher, that part of us that stands apart…

When painting this I was reminded of my ability with lettering, something I haven’t used in a while. My great uncles had a monumental works in Co. Tipperary back in the first part of the 20th century. They spent a life time carving the names of many of those who passed out of life around the town of Roscrea. It is a strange thing to know that what you thought of as wholly your own was passed along by someone you never knew, something that was passed onto them from even further back. In a personal way this picture speaks of a journey too, a journey of the genes that lasts longer than any one life but everything we look at, if we look at it long enough, lets us know that things are always moving and changing and nothing is ever still.


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