GIY SMI have often (half)jokingly said that my plan for the apocalypse is not to become self-sufficient but to launch guerilla raids on other gardens should the need arise but around here I may not have to as people are so generous. This picture shows some produce that was given to me by my neighbour Chris from her vast garden during the summer:pak choi, rhubarb, strawberries and lettuce. I was going to ‘finish’ this picture when I put it aside and on finding it again this week I thought I liked it just the way it is.

By rights I should have green fingers. My parents have always kept a vegetable garden and tend it to this day, offering me all sorts of home-grown food as it comes into season but when I try to grow anything it seems to wither at my touch. This year I gave lettuces(letti?)and spinach a go. My lettuces bolted (which I never knew lettuces could do) presumably in terror and my spinach never even bothered to make an appearance.

I guess I am half-hearted about it and tending a garden takes a lot of dedication and patience and I admire people like my parents and Chris for what they do. One day maybe when I have more than a few pots and concrete yard for a garden I’ll give it a go. In the mean time I will have to depend on the kindness of my family and friends. How bad?

Here’s a link to the Grow Your Own website through which you should be able to connect with a group near you..

The cartoon is one of my own which I did during the Summer.



11 responses to “GROW YOUR OWN(AND GIMME SOME)

  1. A few pots and a concrete yard could yield surprising bounty! Want to grow a few potatoes next year? ‘Seasy – promise! We’ll show you how – and you could plant some garlic now to harvest in the summer….


    • And there’s me trying to use my pots as an excuse!Thanks Chris, I might take you up on that…for the garlic at least, I haven’t tried that. maybe it will turn out to be my ‘thing’? 🙂


    • Pots have proved too much for me so I admire your abilities with them. I grew one cherry tomato once!That was a sad looking plant…I didnt draw that one!Thanks for reading CC always nice to ‘see’ you 🙂


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