SWIMMERS 1 SMHere are two pictures I have found which I hadn’t published before. Living by the sea I know many year round swimmers. I am one myself. This summer we all got plenty of swims but now with the Autumn beginning to make itself known the beaches are emptying and we water babies are able to feel a bit special again and maybe a bit secretly pleased with ourselves.

Many people think swimming in the sea all year around is nuts but I think not doing it is nuts. You will never feel bad after a swim (unless you drown I suppose but then you won’t be alive long to feel bad about it) and it is good for the soul, for the head and the body. Still, really be careful where you swim, don’t swim in a place you don’t know and don’t swim alone and all that. It’s also important not to stay into long which can be easy to do as you go numb quite fast.

Around here it seems the majority of year round swimmers are female but I know there are a group of men who go in the sea at the Guillamene in Tramore and I see another one or two on the beaches along the coast. It is often older people who indulge-I know one lady in her eighties who still partakes. Old people are hardcore.

An acquaintance mentioned a group of year round swimmers to me once not realising I was part of the group.

“There are these crazy ladies who got in the sea in all weathers, ” she said, her eyes round with awe.

Then she lowered her voice…

“I have heard that even though many of them have been doing it for years they haven’t aged a day since they started! It’s like they are witches.”

“Don’t be ridiculous,” I said, ” there are no such thing as witches.”

And I walked away cackling at her foolishness…SWIMMERS 2 SM




7 responses to “SEA WITCHES

  1. I like the idea of sea witches although I have not been swimming in the sea for years. Last weekend I saw a special on Agatha Christie on PBS and it showed a film of her swimming well into her older years.


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