RAIN OVER THE COMERAGHS SMWell I said I would do 5 posts in 5 days and I did but I don’t think I’ll do it again in a hurry. I chose the wrong week for a start, too much going on and though doing the challenge over on the Monster in the Next Room improved my drawing the nature of the illustrations here don’t lend themselves to speed and my painting seemed to get worse. With a cartoon you know where it’s going to end and that you’re going to get there but with a picture it’s not the same and I found I had not time to realise my vision of the illustration or the writing.

I also found that when I started writing a post I couldn’t stop and bang went another few hours.

I did find giving myself a challenge was a good way to discipline myself to do something and it also makes me think more about the direction of my blogging. I got some more pictures done and it kept me out of trouble too I guess so it wasn’t all bad. Still, the house is filthy and I am living in the vain hope that some nice young men will appear at the door and offer to clean it for me…

My favourite post of the week was the Tabby Fish & The Guillamene one from Wednesday.

For today’s picture…Rain Over the Comeraghs at Sunset…I just threw a load of paint on the paper and let it dribble around a while, scanned it and threw it up here and said ‘Thank God that’s over!”


10 responses to “RAIN OVER THE COMERAGHS

  1. I don’t believe FOR ONE MOMENT that that is all you did to produce this picture! However it was done, I think it’s very effective; it illustrates perfectly that louring, intimidating look which the Comeraghs sometimes have. I’m no artist and certainly have no knowledge of art, but I know what I like – and I like this!


  2. Interesting how slaps of paint can dribble in a stunning way that conveys the theme perfectly.
    By the way, thoughts of your mackerel post while watching a feeding frenzy in Garrarus last night. Never saw the like of it before.


  3. Now seeing rain over mountains would truly be enjoyable compared to our flat land here! Thanks for the recent visit to my rainy day blog and taking time to comment. I envy your ability to capture the beauty and feeling on paper. Enjoy the weekend. Cheers!


  4. I love your watercolor splashings however they occur! It is YOUR heart coming through and they are wonderful! I think I succeeded one month in an attempt to blog everyday…I think five days is more reasonable…the thing is, for me…I have to be in the mood—perhaps that is a romantic vision of writing and WHY my novel hasn’t been completed yet! LOL Admirable of you to attempt what you did! You have encouraged me to try for five days in a row with your personal example!
    I have been reading blog for 10 days and commenting…I guess that counts for something! LOL


    • Hi Johann, lovely to hear from you, thanks for spending so much time on my blog, I am flattered and also chuffed I have managed to inspire someone especially as I haven’t been able to post in a while. Right now I am back in college for the first time in 30 years and find myself up to my eyeballs in work. I hope it will settle down soon and I will get a chance to visit your lovely blog again. Thanks again Johann, nice to know you are there.


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