FISH ORLA SMI’d like to say this is not one of my best pictures but someones bound to accost me with a pile a load of well-meaning drivel about how I should value all my work, suspend all critical analysis and let others decide. Don’t, please. Critical analysis is not low self~esteem. Feel free to like it if you want though.

The reason I am posting it is that the one I did for the post earlier was truly dreadful and I have committed to posting something every day this week. Today I came in the door with a few new ideas and sat down and immediately started work on an old idea. Years ago I took a photo of a colleague of mine listening to a hurling match on the radio and I periodically try to paint the scene but I just haven’t been able to ‘get’ her. At all. Today was no different. It it drives me crackers. My portrait skills aren’t the best  but I usually manage something. Maybe she’s too damn pretty.

It’s interesting as an artist to notice the faces that grab your attention. I never know what face will. They are often not faces the average person would call attractive and sometimes maybe quite far from it but what the average person calls attractive these days is usually dulled down to appeal across the board and so are boring to my eye. That’s not to say either that my colleague is dull just that I can’t…’get’ her.

She has wangled her way into this post anyway as with work on my mind as I switched my attention to a shot of some fish in the pond at my job, or the job that I gave up last week.  I saw this fish on a break from a night shift a couple of months ago and was fascinated by its fatness. I didn’t have my camera with me so when we finished work I nabbed my pretty colleague~her of the failed portraits~and instructed her to take photos of the fat fish with her phone. She didn’t seem as impressed as I was by its fatness but she willingly took the photos. Maybe because I threatened not to give her a lift home. No, I would never do that. Not after all the fuss the last time….





2 responses to “FAT FISH & FACES

  1. I used to love doing portraits and life drawing in college. I’m shite at painti ng, but used to do pencil, watercolours etc. Loved it. Try again. Doesn’t have to look like her 100%, but capture something of her essence. Wow! That sounded sooooooo pre-ten-shiooooooooose! Anyway. I am thrilled you made the job decision. This world is now your fat oyster, for as long as you can let it. Thanks for the kind words earlier. Very appreciated. X


    • Ah I have tried again a lot and no I am not too fussy about it looking 100% like her but it has to be ‘right’ and it never has been. Trust me when I say its dreadful. Anyway there was just never going to be a picture in time for a post today, I just thought I’d try a fast one and see if by a miracle it would happen…no joy.

      You should take it up again Jenni, you’re a talented lady x


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