DRAGON 1 SMKelp has captured my imagination for quite a while. A few years ago I had an exhibition of paintings of kelp and earlier this year I posted Beyond Kelp which took my illustrations a step in the direction of a more immediate and ragged style which I liked and I wanted to explore. Of course I got distracted by events and other directions too(so many!) and it is not until today that I have sat down and allowed myself to play a little more.DRAGON 2 SM

My previous kelp paintings explored the sinewy flowing fronds and spongy yellow stems with their gaping stained mouths but at this time of the year the kelp has dried into stiff loop~de~loops with toothy heads presenting another fascinating hook for the imagination in that they remind of nothing so much as of tiny dragons frozen in mid slither their tortured blackened heads evidence of their fiery breath..DRAGON 3 SM DRAGON 6 SM DRAGON 5 SM DRAGON 4 SM


16 responses to “KELP DRAGONS

  1. We don’t have kelp around my coast but I have enjoyed seeing it in California. I didn’t realize they would turn into dragons. Your interpretations are striking and reminded me of bones initially.


    • Thanks CC…they ARE very striking and the beaches looked like bone yards after last winters storms which is weird when you walk on them as when they are fresh they are quite flexible so it feels sort of creepy…thanks for visiting, appreciated 🙂


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