Last week I set myself a 5 Day Challenge (5 cartoons in 5 days)over on my Monster in the Next Room blog and I had thought to do the same here, a post a day, even if it was just a watercolour. I found I learned a lot last week and I want to see what happens here. Of course it’s now 9pm as I type this because I have been faffing about all day(as usual).

The picture~when I finally do it~will be of hay bales I spotted on my way home from my final night shift. I was a bit dazed to find I had left the job that supported me for 9 and a half years to go to college and as I couldn’t quite get my head around it (and still can’t) I decided it was better to be distracted by my surroundings. Distracted is not a good word, anchored is better. Paying attention to whats around me anchors me in the moment and I have found during these months of decision-making that staying in the moment means I can maintain an equilibrium, deal with one thing at a time rather than getting overwhelmed and bewildered.

So on the way home I looked at the grassy ditches and the pigeons in the road and the curious calves in the fields and tried not to think too much about things I couldn’t directly deal with. When I saw a rabbit with its back broken drag its body across the road into the ditch I was tempted in my gloomy Irish way to think of it as an evil portent but I shook myself. Life is tough, that’s all and there are endings, little deaths along the way before the final exit. I hope the rabbits end would come quickly.

The image that has stayed with me from that drive is a sweeter one. These hay bales, wrapped in black and white sheeting they struck me as looking like a herd of giant humbugs gently grazing. I imagined them emitting the occasional cry…’Bah!” (of course). I could try to think of an analogy I suppose~’There are big sweets ahead!’~but I was just happy to be tickled by the thought of a world where herds of giant sweets roam free. I managed to resist licking one and got back in the car and drove home.BAA HUMBUG SM


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