HARE 2 SMThese bright nights aren’t great for sleeping and I wasn’t enthusiastic about hauling my ass onto my bike yesterday morning but I have learned that a cycle~along with a run and especially a swim~is something you will never regret. Besides if waited until I felt like it hell would freeze over and we’d have no place for all the bad people…

I was hardly a minute out the gate when I spotted a big Hare sitting in the road. He saw me and took off in a lollop all the way up the centre of the road stopping every now again to check I was still following. He eventually veered off through a gate way but not before he had made my bike ride feel special.

There seem to be quite a few Hares around these parts which is quite wonderful as they are solitary creatures and I always thought of them as rare. Now I often see them in the road~frequently mistaking them for dogs at a distance~and crossing the fields. HARE 3 SMIn March I watched two chase each other around and around the field out back for at least an hour and a couple of months later and we found a baby one, a Leveret, quivering in the grass on the front lawn, the product perhaps of those joyous circuits. The grass remained uncut until it moved on (or was taken by the local cat) and now we have piles of hay that no-one knows what to do with.

I know some people cannot understand that simply seeing some wildlife can be so inspiring~just look at all the raptor introduction schemes that are stymied by poisonings and shootings, the needless culling of badgers and the casual cruelty dished out to horses and other domestic animals~but I would like to think that most humans must feel the presence of our wild neighbours positively on some level.



A Hare galloping along the road, a Rook casting a jaundiced eye down from the swoop of a telegraph wire, the slow roll of a Fin Whales back, a Kestrel diving, a Dolphin leaping, the click of a Badgers claws on moon~silvered tarmac~all these things have the power to introduce awe..though it has to be admitted that the constant cheep~cheep of the Sparrow in the hedge at the front door is starting to grate. Still…

If at some point there was no longer anywhere for the animals and birds and insects to thrive, if we were ever to find ourselves alone on this planet with our malls and our highways, our concrete and steel, our cities and factories surely even the most urbanized, unimaginative, dull or just plain ignorant among us would balk at the sterility of our world.HARE SM



10 responses to “GOOD HARE DAY

  1. Do you sell your watercolors? I would love something like this on my walls in Michigan to remind me of Ireland!


    • Hi Beth, thanks for the query. I intend to but I haven’t got my act together yet. Hopefully I’ll have a gallery in the next few months. If you want to send me your email address using the Contact Form on the main page I can contact you when I have it sorted but I will also post something on the blog. Thanks again, Clare.


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