When a Mermaid Opens her Purse

My current exhibition (and probably my last one of oil paintings) opened on Saturday in Waterford. I was yet again floored by the friends who gathered to support me. One of these friends is Jean Tubridy, a neighbour of sorts and fellow blogger and she has written this beautiful piece on the show. Have a look at her blog Social Bridge and follow her. You won’t regret it….

SOCIAL BRIDGE ~ Jean Tubridy connecting with you from Ireland

It was through blogging that I met Clare Scott, who has the wonderful blog, The Mermaids Purse.  We only live a few miles from each other and share a passion for nature and the sea.

While I’ve long been admiring Clare’s artwork on her blog, it was only on Saturday when I went to the opening of her art exhibition in Waterford, that I saw the true depths of her talent and creativity.

I could only chuckle to myself as I got dressed up (by my standards) to go to the opening and met Clare in a very flattering ‘little black number.’ We had never met before dressed in anything but outdoor gear ~either layers and layers of jumpers and jackets or functional swimsuits and rainbows of towels.

Clare Scott at the Exhibition Opening Clare Scott at the Exhibition Opening

The art exhibition ShellSTONESilkBONE lures one into a world of texture and colour. Not…

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2 responses to “When a Mermaid Opens her Purse

    • Hi Lauren, very pleased to meet you. Jean is a wonderful person and I have just found out that she takes wonderful photos too~normally I look like I am being eaten by something from the inside!Look forward to visiting you blog and connecteing, thanks, Clare 🙂


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