LOCAL PHEASANTI am (supposed to be) very busy at the moment organising a show of my paintings which is opening this Saturday. As sometimes happens with life all sorts of other things are happening too and I have some big decisions to make. Which doesn’t explain why I am faffing around doing sketches of the local pheasant. The most likely explanation is that something in my overheated mind has short circuited and, like Wallanders father in Henning Mankells crime series who paints only grouse, I will churn out pictures of pheasants for the forseeable future.

I keep seeing this guy crossing the field at the back of my house. I am usually alerted by his crowing. He struts across the grass in that curious bowing manner that pheasants have. Sometimes he can sense me watching and he freezes and then crouches down into the grass to ‘hide’ but I can still see his big fat head sticking up. He puts me in mind of Mr. Collins in Jane Austens Pride and Prejudice.PHEASANT HIDDEN

Eventually he moves on, hurrying a little towards the road where he wanders around until he is startled by a passing car which causes him to leap over the hedge or scurry through a gateway and into the undergrowth. He looks over dressed for the countryside and unprepared for the dangers that lurk in the fields and on the road.

I am sure he would be happier in a drawing-room having ludicrous conversations or a in parsonage making up bombastic sermons and looking at fossils stopping only for tea and scones and to chivvy the housekeeper. Yes, my mind has definitely short-circuited. Again.




14 responses to “PHEASANTLY OCCUPIED

  1. Now you have me wondering how Mr Wickham would look in bird form.
    BTW, my mother had a theory that all men could be divided into 2 categories ~ greyhounds and teddy bears. The more you look, the more it seems she was right!


    • Ha!A peacock perhaps…but maybe a down at heel sort of one….as for the greyhounds and teddy bears she might be onto something though in that one stays in the one place and the other is off like a shot!


      • It only came to me after reading it a couple of times because I was thinking I wasn’t sure I agreed (I started picturing all the gorillas, sloths, bulls, chameleons, ferrets, horses etc etc I have met!)…. but then I realised movement wise its extremely apt! 🙂


  2. That just made my day Clare, I really loved it and the paintings are excellent as usual. Ready fro the publisher methinks. Best of luck with your exhibition sorry we can’t make this one. See you out n about 🙂


    • Thanks Liam for the comment and the good wishes…I won’t promise to come down for tea as I keep doing, I’ll just arrive one of the days. Everything in the air right now! No bother about not being able to make it…often I feel guilty asking. see ya soon.


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