I have so many things to do at the moment but when I saw my green and white runners on the blue tile floor in the mustardy walled bathroom where I had kicked them I had to sit down and try and capture them… RUNNERS SM


2 responses to “RUNNERS

  1. Brilliant capture, Clare.
    Talking of ‘things to do.’ I’m on a major de-clutter of the house but have an eye on the weather and the tide table. Apart from anything else, a swim in Garrarus would clear the dust from my poor lungs!

    I’m seeing walls here that I haven’t seen in years, not to speak of floors! I love the fact that you mentioned ‘kicking’ the running shoes ~ that sounds so familiar!


    • Thanks Jean. I’m the same as you, doing things in the house, looking at the weather and thinking I should be out there, must fit a swim in too between trying to get things done and getting all the ‘wrong’ things done…some dramatic skies to day, loving it.


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