This is a new series I have been meaning to start which will be more about the pictures than writing. While walking, running, cycling or driving through the countryside it’s hard not to notice the outbuildings that scatter the fields and the roadsides. From the tiny concrete sheds with their rusting sloped roofs to the massive curving domes of barns their shapes, textures and colours add a counterpoint to the rolling landscape heightening appreciation of natural curves.

In this role it may be easy to dismiss their man-made, practical, sometimes shoddy or old appearance as inferior in the face of natures flamboyance and but straight lines juxtaposed with rough and tumble hillocks and barrel roofs under the massive bowl of sky are a compelling contrast and I would be far from the first artist to find lichen spotted concrete, purpling tin and peeling paint visually irresistible. Here’s hoping I can capture some of it….BARN1 SM mid


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