EVENING BATH SMBack in the day there was no such thing as recycling, it happened automatically. There was hardly any rubbish. My grandparents (and yours)were far greener than we will be any time soon. We’ve lost the knack of mending and making do. Saying that there are some places this is not the case and the farmers of Ireland can always make good use of an old bath. So much so that even after the boom years it is a rare thing to see a ready-made trough for watering animals. Most Irish fields are en suite.

I often pass this particular bath which sits in a field that rarely hosts animals aside from the occasional horse or two. Its location on the cliffs often recalls the hot tub at Kelly’s Hotel in Rosslare on the deck overlooking the beach and in which, one warm autumn day, I once had the pleasure to recline. I like my hot tubs and the outdoors ones are a particular treat.

With this in mind it’s not impossible that some warm evening I might answer the baths siren call and stroll swim-suited down a road steaming after summer rain to clamber over the gate, towel over my shoulder, horses and briars be damned…




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