We have a rare offshore wind here at the moment and all surfers are all surfed out from yesterdays marathon sessions. This meant that as the sets were smaller~though still as nicely sculpted~ I had the water to myself this morning. Well almost. At one point I turned to see a swan, a Mute Swan* I think, flying low over the sandy green waves.

As it passed me it looped around and headed back towards the Boating Lake at the foot of the town, as if it was doing a lap or as if it had come over to have a look-see. A small thing, over in minutes, but it really made my morning.



*The watercolour is of a Mute Swan but I did it when I got home I can’t be 100% sure that is what I saw. 

6 responses to “SWAN LAP

    • Well yes it IS a picture of a Mute Swan but that’s because I did it afterwards and I am assuming what I saw was a Mute as they are the most common on the boating lake. It was so fast at the time I couldn’t tell you for sure it was a Mute. I know there are other swans about.


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