DAFFS SMOn my way home I pass a grassy stone wall on top of which someone has planted daffodil bulbs. Every year at this time as I swing around this particular corner~in my car, on my bike or running~ the wall is lined with yellow nodding flowers.

If you have ever been in a race of any kind you will know how it feels to be cheered on by strangers lining the route, strangers who nevertheless want you to make it. They smile and clap and cheer and they yell “Come on!You can do it!” and no matter how hard you are finding it or how much pain you are in the most marvellous feeling rushes up inside and you feel that finally you are a part of everything and that good feeling is the rule in the world rather than the exception.

When I pass the daffodils I am reminded of that good feeling as their sunny heads bob and nod in the March wind that might carry~ if only I could hear them~ high light voices bubbling  “Come on girl!You can do it!”


  1. Just had a poke around Clare and this new site really works perfectly to showcase and share your beautiful art. More than a tad envious of that watercolour magic….no end to your talents girl!!


    • Ah thank you my lovely blogger friend and inspirer, that means a lot. It was your blog that set me off really. This is still a work in progress.I want to replace a lot of the photos with watercolours over the next few months…and the editing is going to take a while yet…oh the big learning curve. Thanks for all your support and see you soon xx


  2. Clare, I read this on my phone when you posted it but couldn’t comment then as the phone is antiquated. I absolutely love it and I must tell you that I get that sense of ‘cheering’ from the rushes on the Waterford-Tramore Road and have since I was tiny. I go out of my way to avoid the bypass so that I get to see them as often as possible.


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