KELP 3 SMSometimes in life it seems nothing can go right and everything is done under a black cloud. At times like these all ones good intentions are misinterpreted, friends take pot shots for no apparent reason, love is a vehicle for frustration and hurt~the diametric opposite to all the good our culture says it should be~health falters then falters again and just when you can’t afford for anything else goes wrong, guess what?It does.

A walk on the beach can buy a little space but sometimes the cloud comes too and all is distorted as if seen through the chill and undulating sheets of rain and sea fog that sometimes descend on the coast.KELP 1 SM

So it was last week at Kilfarrasy. The beach was heaped with kelp torn free from underwater forests by the winters storms. Piles of misshapen stalks rubbed clean by the elements suggested grotesque amalgamations of body parts, the results of some macabre experiment.

Yellowing stems echoed skinned bones, rib-like and slender and curving up from the rotting piles or femurs with gaping holes mimicking ball joints and eye sockets, holdfasts like bared teeth or raw knuckles, desperate grasping fingers disembodied and scattered on this strange seaside facsimile of a killing field.KELP 4 SM


Even the un-bonelike sponginess added to the gruesomeness of it all. Still, it fascinated me too as it had done often before~one of my exhibitions was based mostly on Kelp~and I spent a long time wandering though the piles taking shots.

Afterwards my attention wandered to the rock pools and the prettier gem like creatures which I spent subsequent hours photographing. It makes me think that the Buddhists have something when they advise us to bring attention to what we feel without labelling it either good or bad, to just experience it.

When we stop trying to get away from the thoughts that make us feel bad and turn to study them we find that they are not as real as we imagined and often they elude us, sliding from our grasp like slippery fish, disappearing back into the tricksy ocean of the mind. The theory is that in studying something we accept it and in accepting we can allow it to pass, let go. I am not quite there yet I think but it’s something to aim for….KELP 2 SM


2 responses to “BEYOND KELP

  1. This is so profound and highlights more than ever the extent to which the sea can loosen the thought processes. I hope that the progression continues and that the clouds part soon.


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