SEA WITCH SMA while back I found a this strange thing on the beach. It was a small round cushion-like piece of seaweed about three centimetres in diameter, filled with air, the lower half was olive-green and the upper half a dark magenta and sported a pointed protrusion much like a witches hats with a hat band of tiny thread like pieces of pink seaweed.

Being of a scientific turn of mind I immediately deduced I had found a Sea Witches nipple and so excited was I that came close to calling this blog after it until some research led me to think that this was in fact, more mundanely, one of the anchors from which Thongweed grows.  Just as well I suppose as my readership could have ended up being quite different from what it is…

(Thongs of course are suggestive too and its hard for me now not to imagine an underwater stripper bar full of Mermaids and Sea Witches in skimpy kelp outfits but in the interests of keeping this post in line with the rest of the blog I’ll do my best.)

Thongweed or Sea Spaghetti is as its name suggests grows in long thong-like strands and is edible. The thongs are formed on round, mushroom like growths or anchors each Spring. The size of my piece of weird seaweed corresponds with a Thongweed anchor but it is usually a flattish disk shape. I can only assume some accident of nature inflated the one I found until it resembled a 1970s throw cushion. Or maybe a seahorse was getting creatively retro in its local rockpool living room…

If you are so moved to know more here’s a link to another blog I found during my search with more photos and information on Thongweed  Jessica’s Nature Blog

If anyone else has any suggestions or knowledge (or knows of a Sea Witch who might be looking for her nipple back) please feel free to comment below…


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