Fenor is a pretty little ‘blink-and you’ll-miss-it’ village with a lovely churchyard a nice restaurant and pub, a play park that people bring their kids miles to visit and also the bog which has been the subject of some low-key development. A wooden walkway has been built over the bog and information signs on the wildlife to found there installed. A pond has been fenced off and there is a car park and some seats.

The most striking thing about the bog though are the creatures. Two of them, dragonflies are perched on a massive twisted piece of driftwood on the road into the village. In the car park beside the bog one of the branches of the trees has been shaped into a dragon fly too. Entering the bog and approaching the pool there we see is a heron half concealed on a grassy island on the water.



The man who made these lives in the village. I first met John nearly twenty years ago when he opened a massive indoor Paintball arena in Waterford City, the setting for which I helped to build and to paint. Constructing palm trees from box steel and rubber tyres and covering them in hessian was probably one of the worse jobs I ever had, losing me most of the skin on my hands.

The arena was an ambitious undertaking by a very young man long before Ireland knew what a boom was and though the Paintball arena is long gone you always knew that John would be up to something.

Of course the boom arrived and everyone got busy but when it slowed down again but John couldn’t and out came the chainsaw and now Fenor Village has its creatures.

There was one I forgot of course:the Ent-like creature  in Johns front garden which you will see on the way out of the village heading west on the coast road. It reminds me of one of the soldiers you might find carved into one of our ancient stone crosses. Johns phone number is propped up in front of it too, in case you’d like a creature or two of your own….




  1. Love reading your blog Clare….always so well written. You have the ability to bring the person on the ‘journey’ with you. Thanks for sharing…look forward to next time. Joyce Merne. Fenor


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