Sun Isn’t Gone ~ Gatherings from Ireland # 302

Here’s a picture I contributed to local blogger Jean Tubridys’ Festival of Colour , a wonderful project for the dark days. Maybe you’d like to contribute too?Just visit her blog and see what you think…

SOCIAL BRIDGE ~ Jean Tubridy connecting with you from Ireland

One of the wonderful aspects of running this Festival of Colour, Creativity and Connection here on Social Bridge is the way it keeps opening doors into other people’s minds, imaginations and talents.

Today’s contribution is from Clare Scott, a fellow blogger from Tramore. We first met online ages ago and eventually in person one sunny day at Garrarus beach early one morning during the heatwave this summer.

I had long been an admirer of Clare’s artistic talent and was delighted when she sent me a ‘doodle,’ as she describes it!  (Oh to be able to doodle like this!). To see more of Clare’s gorgeous work, take a look at her blog:

In her email, she writes of  colour and light:

Here’s a doodle …  It is  my kitchen at sunset. The contrasting colours and textures really caught my eye and the golden light of an autumn sunset, always more…

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