One evening a few years back I was walking the grey road home under a warm cloud laden sky when I noticed the air was full of Daddy Long Legs all heading in the same direction. They reminded me of squadrons of WW2 bombers in flight that were shown on old black and white newsreels. It was the only time I have seen so many together going in one direction.

I don’t like flappy things much, I’m a bit screechy around them and Daddy Long Legses(sic) or Crane Flies tend to put the shits up me more than most as they seem to have even less control than most insects over where they are actually going.

As I sat on the beach recently one rolled by me completely unable to right himself until the next gust of wind spun him back onto his legs. Another appeared to my right making a beeline for my head as if he were attached to a wire. I ducked back as he sped past my nose and I imagined him calling out for help, screaming to be released from the clutches of the kidnapping eddys of wind that had him in their grip. In fact, as with spiders, the more I watch them the less bothered I am by them. Spiders I came to admire. Daddy Long Legs:I just feel sorry for them.



I found this in Wikipedia…

“Unlike most flies Crane Flies are weak and poor fliers with a tendency to “wobble” in unpredictable patterns during flight, and they can be caught without much effort.” It doesn’t suggest why anyone would want to catch one.

I have heard someone say recently that Daddy Long Legs were very poisonous which is not at all true they don’t even bite, they don’t have time what with their hands full trying to get around. Imagine being completely floppy and trying to get to the supermarket using only the wind….

To add to their troubles they also have a permanently long face.

Still, however hard life is for them I am not quite able to have them around me. I notice there are a lot of them around the house these September evenings and a few pasted trembling to the windows in the morning like nervous cat burglars caught in the act so what with them and the wasps I am being very careful when opening my door right now,

It was a strangely stirring sight that evening when I saw so many finally airborne, finally pointing in the one direction together like seeing some sort of collective consciousness at work. Maybe they even knew some insect version of oneness and peace as they drifted through the dusk in formation. At least until they realised that the soft wind they were riding was carrying them out over the cliffs to the dark sea.

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  1. Reblogged this on THE MERMAIDS PURSE and commented:

    I have not posted for a while because right now my whole life is taken up with being back at college. Today I put aside some time to clean the house and I noticed that every where I turned there was a Crane Fly wobbling about. I guess its that time of year again. Here is a post about them from last year and stay tuned for a new post later this weekend.


  2. Spiders are not my favorite and I imagine my fear is based on false facts! Yesterday, I brought in grapes from the garden…my grandchildren spotted four black spiders! I had never seen that type previously! Hysteria overtook me! Then this morning, I put a plate of grapes on the table — I had washed them–thought they were “safe”–out lunches another spider! You are BRAVE to have sat among them on the beach! Interesting reflection on Daddy Long Legs!


    • Oh there wasnt that many of them on the beach…but I have to say i don’t like them in the house. spiders I don’t mind. I used to be afraid of them until I watched one repairing its web in a storm outside my window. Now I think they are the bees knee!Thanks for reading, much appreciated Johann.


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