These images are mostly culled from notebooks and sketch pads between the 1980s and the present. I have also included some paintings(oils) and pastels and a rough plan of my one and only granite sculpture, the crouching figure beneath the crow.

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4 responses to “BLACK DOGGIN’:IMAGES

    • Thanks Jacqui, great to know you are there, but if you saw me sitting around on my ass eating snickers bars and wondering if I should be doing something you wouldn’t say I was productive:)


  1. You seem to have no problem showing us the ‘Black Dog’ in all its guises and that’s so brave of you and ur so talented Clare


    • Thanks for taking the time to look Catherine. I’ m not so sure about bravery, more about getting older and just wanting to offload stuff. And getting pissed off at people thinking I’m having a great time:)Constantly amazes me that people don’t know what a gloomy bitch I am, maybe they mistake my hysterical laughter for the real thing?:))))


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