One of the first things I did when I rolled out of bed with a head cold this morning, was write the previous post. As the day wore on I got to thinking about it and on re-reading it my inner critic piped up and said…

“Hey, fool, why don’t you stop whinging and actually make some damned art?”

As it happened I planned to but I also have a list about a mile long of a lot of fiddly, tedious things I need to do to make the art happen and so I ended up spending my time sanding and filling the frames I made over a month ago in Connemara and tearing up some printing paper for some prints I am planning.

And then it was half ten and the day was nearly done but I decided hell, a wee sketch just to keep my hand in and so I sketched a crow that was sitting on the hawthorn tree outside my house this morning.

It is not a great sketch but I post a detail of it as an offering to balance out this mornings bad humoured whinge 🙂 Sleep well.

CROW in the Hawthorn (detail)


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