Well so much for a weekly painting post though in my defence I will say there was no painting done in the month of August so there wasn’t much to write about. Ah, the best laid plans. I did have to make a couple of trips away, to West Cork and to Monaghan which sort of threw me and I have been a lot of trouble with my hip which is making both sitting and standing sore but they are what they sound like:excuses. I am still convinced that my plan of getting straight into the studio after I wake will work but, well, I have been awake an hour now so it’s too late and the sea looks so inviting…


Yes, as you may have guessed, this The Child Within(CW) and I am holding Grown Up Me(GUM) captive. She did manage to escape earlier this week and get a little study done in ink and acrylic but after a minor struggle I regained the upper hand. The GUM seems to think though, that she will somehow gain her freedom come September, traditionally the month when all children are scrubbed down and squashed into uniforms and sent  glumly back to school. She could be right. See you next week 😉


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