After years of searching I was happy last week to finally have hit on a formula for my work schedule. Two hours first thing before the Child Within(CW)has time to effect any sabotage and the rest of the day could take whatever shape it wanted after that.I thought it would work. I still do it’s just that every day life has a habit of knocking you off course.

Firstly my sister was home from Asia with her kids and though I didn’t spend a huge amount of time with them it took a while to figure out their schedule and how to fit in to it by which time they were gone.

Then there was all the normal stuff:shopping, cleaning, car to garage, trying to run, trying to get to the physiotherapist to see why it hurt to run, working my “normal” job and then of course I came down with a cold(which is why I couldn’t get to the physio). Nothing too debilitating but after two twelve-hour shifts with it I spent two and a half days in bed sleeping and reading.

I could have painted yes but having the cold gave me the excuse to enter another place. I spend a lot of time alone, which I don’t necessarily like but I am used to it. But for some reason spending two days alone with this cold I found myself falling in love with myself again a little. I forgot how great I was ūüėČ (Don’t worry, I’ll forget again soon enough.) So I didn’t paint, I just enjoyed me,¬†happy that it will all feed into the painting in the end.

I did write though. It seems to come easier or maybe it’s just that there is extraneous work around painting, more physical objects, more things to go wrong. I forgot to buy thinner. The medium has dried up. The brushes are too raggy(they are). I can’t find any good rags. I am wearing my good clothes. I can find an excuse anywhere on the way to the table.

So there is a certain amount of preparation involved with painting. It needs to be approached slowly, as if coaxing a wild horse into a corral. Writing, on the other hand, although it needs a pen and paper or keyboard, is more direct and can happen at any minute. Right now for instance I am cleaning the fridge. Can you tell?

At the end of it all I did paint. Two hours on Thursday and two and a half hours today. They were cranky, unfocused hours, lots of jumping up and checking the PC, making tea but I did them and now I have three paintings close to finished. Not only that, I did a little painting of a soap dispenser I have been meaning to do for a while. Me and my fixtures and fittings. I know. Weird.

After that I went for a swim and sat on the beach and wrote this post and sketched out a lino cut I have been wanting to do. I just hope I can make it stick as the next wave of visitors begins. Today.


2 responses to “AUGUST 3RD

  1. Love it. To feel your creative mind chopping and changing. Glad you are painting and blogging and being alive.


    • Thanks wonderful Liam Murphy:) Yes alive, just about. Looking forward to this blog, it’s already putting a form on my work. A weekly post is the plan. Stay tuned if you can stand looking into my head…


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