I have just spent 5 days up west and have lots of lovely little posts in my head. But before all that a post about that what has become unmentionable to me:The Weather. Or rather the people who talk about the weather for if it’s the weather driving you mad its the whingeing that is driving me mad.

What annoys me most is the sheer illogicality of complaining about it. What exactly is anyone hoping to achieve?I will tell you exactly what is acheived by complaining about the weather. Exactly nothing. No that is not true, in whingeing you agitate yourself and others around you, adding to the burdens of life with your constant moaning.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a great fan of bitching but I bitch about things that can be altered. If I complain about people walking in the middle of the road or drivers driving too slowly it is conceivable someone will hear me, think about it and correct their behaviour. Folks the weather cannot hear you. But I can.


I read comments about the weather online such as “We deserve good weather!where is it?” or “Please send us some sun, where is it?” and I wonder who these people are  pleading with?Do they think this is a thing that is being “done” to them deliberately?We’ve had 100 years of “independence” and still we sit around waiting for someone to make things all better:our weather, our economic situation, our government. What are we like?We depress me.

It’s not that I like all the weather we get. That is not particularly true. I find it hard to get clothes dry. I feel the cold a lot. I would like to live somewhere warm. I just do not have the resources to do this right now and I see little point in pestering everyone with it every fucking time I meet them.


I also find it odd that people are happy to convince themselves it is raining or grey all the time.  Once after someone in the vicinity complained of the constant greyness, I went and dug out photos from the previous few day:photos of sunrises, blue skies, grey skies and beautiful cloud formations. A real mix. And I was, and remain, flabbergasted. I still am.


In buddhism you find the idea that instead of resisting your troubles or your circumstances, you sit with them, get to know them, become friends with them and you will make life easier. The place in my life where this has come most easiest is in my relationship with the weather. In watching the weather, in going about my life indoors and out, I have realised that the weather is not fixed. When it rains here a lot everyone says its raining “all the time”. It’s not. It’s quite rare that the weather remains constant. Sometimes the mist lifts a little, sometimes the sun breaks through. The clouds change colour and sometimes they are cirrus or cumulus or other. Sometimes there is thunder. Sometimes, like now the sun shines through my door warming the wet ground outside. The weather is teaching me, the weather tells me that everything changes though it may not always seem so. The weather reminds me of mortality and how important it is to live.

Even if you think the weather inclement you can still go to the beach, have a swim, go for a walk or a run. Take it from me you will not dissolve if some rain touches you. And sometimes isn’t it nice to curl up with a book on rainy afternoon?(Kids?Give them damn books too! 🙂 )

I took a walk up Ben Bulben the other day. It was overcast, the valley of Glencar with its tabled cliffs was steaming in the warmth putting me in mind of Yosemite. I walked up through the misty woods, the roar of Glencar waterfall, made powerful and beautiful by the rain, in my ears. Out on top the bright yellow of the fields broke through from below. As I walked over the peat the mist thickened lending the moor a ghostly otherworldly feel. Sheep loomed and then scattered. I reached the end of the trail I turned and went back down to the brighter valley floor. I stopped for a cup of tea and a chat at a sparkling ice cream van in the car park before moving onto Drumcliff to see Yeats and then to Rossnowlagh for a spot of bodyboarding on curling waves in warm rain. It was a glorious day with perfect weather.




2 responses to “ZEN WEATHER

  1. We do complain about the weather A Lot, I being one of those complainers (have a waterlogged slug infested garden in need of a heatwave lol). I like what you say about Buddhism; trying to be friends with what makes us unhappy, seeing things in a positive way will make it more positive. I will keep that in mind, thank you : )


    • MK I wrote that last year and since the winter when it rained for two months and water got into my car and has caused me huge car grief since November I am finding the zen a little tough going so don’t be too hard on your self :D….


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