Every winter I put out fat balls for the birds. Because I don’t have a garden as such I bought two sticky hooks from BirdWatch Ireland and put them on my front window. I usually get lots of small birds. Sometimes Starlings bully their way in scaring off the little ones and leaving streaks of bright purple all over my windows. I am assuming this was because they were eating berries…

I don’t like Starlings and as I am confident they are well able to look after themselves I chase them off by banging on the window and yelling “You’re too BIG!”. Sometimes I go outside and yell it up at the telephone wire they all lounge on looking like they should be wearing biker jackets and smoking if only someone would give them a fag.

“You’re too BIG!”

Somehow it works. It helps that I throw things too. Seems to keep the neighbours away as well….

I am sad to say that though I was a keen bird watcher in my youth and I still have my RSPB bird identification book I struggle with knowing what some of my wee friends actually are. I get a lot of Tits and I have to make a confession here: I always snigger at the actual mention of Tits as in~”There’s a Great Tit on my window-snigger”. I know I am old enough to know better but I suspect this will never leave me.

Blue Tits and Great Tits are regulars as are the Sparrows but whether they are House Sparrows or Tree Sparrows I have yet figure out. There also a lot of little brown ones which at first I lumped into the Sparrow category but Sparrows have finch like beaks whereas these little brown ones have wee pointy beaks. After a bit of investigation I am fairly confident they are Dunnocks.

I get a Robin occasionally and I left my doughty sunflower, now withered in the sea wind, uncut for him as I saw him perching on it once. I used to get a Wren until the day she flew into my house. I tried to get her out but she ended up flying into the window and got an awful wallop. She revived and flew off and I haven’t seen her since. A Blue Tit also came in once but managed to get back out and the Robin came in for a look, cool as you like, and left when he felt like it.

The Willy Wag Tails(Pied Wagtails)are constantly patrolling the ground in front of the door looking for crumbs and chasing everyone away. I half expect to see them arrest some poor Sparrow and take him off for questioning. There are a couple of Blackbirds too and when I see them perching on the bird balls I know its time to put out some apple.

Occasionally I get a larger spotted thing in the flower bed that seems to take joy in digging up my daffodil bulbs, some class of a Thrush I think.

I rarely see finches though I a little Chaffinch visited last year. In contrast my parents who live a few miles away in a more sheltered area are up to their oxters in Finches under the watchful eye of Muffin the cat.

For the last week there have noticeably less birds. I am assuming it is the wind as it gets very strong up here when its stormy. At least I hope it is because I miss my wee friends when they are gone

2 responses to “WEE BIRDS

  1. I saw a few Gannets off the Hook the other day. Never saw them at this time of year. Although I believe they are resident.


    • Gannets are often around fin whales I think which are around this time of year, if I see gannets diving out at sea, I check for whales too. I think there are some whales off the Hook at the mo. Did you spot any?I haven’t seen any for a while what with the weather and everything but I’ve heard they are out there. Love the Hook area. Any of your brilliant photos?


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