OK,  not quite January the 1st but it will do. And I’m not feeling that inspired today having just spent a week quarantined and in bed with the dreaded lurgy. Still I’m here and thats what counts.

One of my  resolutions for this year is write more regularly and this is where I will start cutting my teeth. What am I going to write about?The small things mostly:the weather here, the people, the sea and the shore with maybe some passing references to bigger questions. A hodge podge I suppose.

I suppose I should start then…

Today the weather is colder but it is bright and sunny for the first time in a week. There is snow on the Comeragh Mountains but the temperature is set to rise, thank God. I cannot take anymore snow. The road between my house and Tramore was unnavigable two winters ago for weeks and it made life very difficult not to mention that the heating bills in a house modelled on a colander can be pretty steep.

The sea looks wild from here and could be good for a surf but I am not well enough. I miss being in the sea, in my wetsuit or my swimsuit. It becomes and addiction.

For the rest of the day I think I will pack up my painting gear. I want to take a step back from the oils this year and maybe concentrate on learning techniques in other  areas and to do a bit of drawing and a lot more writing. We will see. This will be the year of exploration. Onwards and Upwards!


8 responses to “FIRST POST EVER

  1. Thanks Sean:)its really an attempt to kickstart some discipline and use my addiction to all things computery to do something creative on a regular basis…Hope it works…


  2. Delighted to see you here in wordpressland, Westown Girl! It would be inaccurate and probably cheesy to say that blogging has changed my life, but I can safely say it has had a very positive impact on me, my writing discipline and my career.
    You are brimful of talent and this is the perfect arena to share your humour, writing, comments, photography and cartoons.
    May all the great things you deserve come your way in 2012. I’ll see you in early february! xo


  3. Thank you my dear, you are a definite inspiration!You just keep going and its really working for you, love to hear of your good fortune with your writing as you work for it with spirit and chutzpah!

    I feel good about the blog it already, lots of ideas for posts, just small things but I am hoping it will revive me a bit, give me a daily discipline and keep me looking at the world and give me new ideas for creating because I want give the painting a bit of a rest but needed to put something in its place.

    Look forward to seeing you, enjoy the rest of your


  4. Clare the very best of luck with it! It looks so great so far. Have just been blogging for 10 months at this point and it has been the biggest injection of rocket fuel for my own creativity that I have experienced in years. It works on so many levels. Learning all the time there are so many challenges. Cheering you on from over the road:~)


  5. Hello Foxglove Lane!I have to say you are one of my inspirations, probably the one that finally tipped me over the edge. I have been threatening to do this for years. I love your blog and particularly your beautiful beautiful pictures. I love that you are there and I like the idea that maybe an increasing number of us in this area can create a collaborative picture of a beautiful place. Cheering you on right back!:)


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